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Hello I am the team captain so let me get that straight out there. Our goal was to take Superhero by the horns and really try to make an interesting Superhero flick. We did run out of time so the film isn't finished to the standard we wanted. There's no music until the end, the Kitchen scene is supposed to have more cuts but the footage would not capture happily, the audio comes thru on left channel only - my bad. The park scene appeared jittery - possibly bandwidth problem? Like I say - this is just so people can understand what we got wrong versus what you do or don't like about the film per se. Thanks for reviewing our film

Default Avatar Milon

This film was well shot, and had a good variety of locations. I admire how Eleven Merchants had a go at a serious film. Perhaps the pacing could have been sped up towards the middle and end, but I understand your editing issues....... I'd have liked to see more superhero action stuff, perhaps as a contrast to the relationship, "human" side of the story, but then again, implying what the cape guy did left the audience to envision how dangerous his antics were... I also thought the film lacked a bit of focus/direction. It seemed to start out as an interrogation at work, then moved to a relationship-based story at home. Good on you for having a go at a serious film.

A "is he? Isn't he?" superhero mystery that isn't told particularly well. Some of the actors try their hardest to make the script work but it really never pulls through. The way it was shot left a lot to be desired.

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