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Fun Run

by Fleet Street Productions 993 views


Fun Run, for lack of a better word, is a fun short. Fleet Street clearly wanted to announce to the audience that this was a "Quest" to the finish line, and it's easy to buy into the concept. The thin plot is easy to overlook when the characters are so likeable (a particular female cyclist was one highlight). There are some obvious technical shortcomings, but overall, I enjoyed it.

Default Avatar Bella

Clearly the best in it's heat. Well acted, well shot, and funny from start to finish. Nice music too. My favourite by far!

Default Avatar FilmGirl

Soooo funny!! Plus that guy with the curly hair is cute :P Nice one fleet street!

This was my pick of the night and it was generally very funny. It was a nice rounded film and had that nice beginning middle end feel to it, which some of the films of the night seemed to lack. Perhaps some of the cinematography let it down slightly, but that's just coming from a cameraman. The scenes at the bar looked very nice, however. Nice work. Go Sid!

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