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Cerebral Occupation

by Chicken Corn Soup Productions 5,629 views


This was a good body switch movie with some interesting angles on the genre, and it wasn't tiredly predictable. Very good camera sound and editing in this movie. The script caused some arguments between myself and my son as to what was going on, but after a few minutes he convinced me that the script was deeper than the first look, and that the last woman with the gun would of been someone in the apartment building he would of quickly got in to take over the shooting. Interesting movie, may be a bit deep for some.

Another film with a really strong central idea, let down a little by its production values. Still, it was always clear what was happening and where the story was going, which is especially difficult in something like a body switch film. I felt like I wanted to see a little more of the lead character inside the bodies he was always felt a bit brief (Which I know was part of the story), and Bobby Young seemed to come a little out of the blue. A little bit of a set up there could have been nice (Flashback)? Still, a solid effort.

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