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14 for the win

by Artificial Nipple 444 views


Well made, and took out the audience favourite in Monday's heat 2, but a predictable ending and hugely derivative of Showtime's Dexter series.

Default Avatar Tony Sriamporn

Thoroughly enjoyable, yes I did think it was a bit like Dexter, predictable.. but HEY! It worked! Well done guys, it was a good watch

This was a very well put together movie. There was some great camera work and editing. The plot line was not very original but so what. The story was assisted with some great acting. Well done

Default Avatar Dogs Breakfast

Gruesome and bloody like any good revenge film should be! "The Butcher" a serial killer is going for victim #14. Enjoyed this film, it was short and to the point without feeling like they were rushing. Nice production values and dealt well with their genre. Nice work.

A serial killer wants to kill his 14th victim, however he has fallen out of favour with another serial killer. The villain in this revenge film was wonderfully creepy, with a cool costume (becoming a staple of this team, who I think are somehow associated with Costume Magic). The storytelling was refreshingly clear in this film, however perhaps it was so clear that the story itself was a little too simple. That being said, it looked pretty nice and held my attention throughout. Good job.

Default Avatar Qixote

Well acted, predictable twist, very reminiscent of Dexter and Criminal minds. Straight forward camera shots

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