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Somebody Someone Evil_Mush

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The Orb of Truth

Fun film, really liked the cheeky lead actor, including the scene where he inexplicably decides to eat a mysterious orb that was in his garden. Loved the almost too obvious placement of the "hey, it's Nicky Brick" line. The special effects for the most part seemed to work given the tone of the film (a little bit cheesy, worked for me!), but the moving stop-start freeze frame shot at the end looked really impressive up there on the big screen.

Double Check

Entertaining film to kick off the Wellington heats with, really liked this one! I agree with others on the excellent opening sequence (and closing twist reveal), the combination of great camerawork, sound & score really did a good job setting the scene & building the tension towards the inevitable ACTION! that the audience would be expecting. Speaking of which, I didn't mind the "shaky cam" of the fight scenes, added to the manic feel of the situation the main dude found himself in. If anything, I was a bit disappointed the little crazy-eyes dude that he faced off with (rather than being jumped) didn't get to pull out any mean psycho-ninja moves before being easily taken down (thinking the bell tower scene in Batman), haha! The supporting actors (particularly little girl/s & old man) were great foils for the ice-cold ruthless cockiness of the lead as well. All round really well put together film, congrats to all involved! @hocusfocus : Is it just me or did you reeeeeally seem to like the two hookers!? Or am I behind the play on some techno lingo?

End of the Saga

This tickled my funny bone. Tickled it HARD. So glad I saw it at the screening at Reading, the true definition of an EPIC!!!!