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Somebody Someone Tyhannasaurus

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Pretty straightforward film about a crime of passion. Lots of style, I like that you went all in on the femme fatale costuming. Some of the inside shots weren't the best quality, but overall nice job :)


Really loved the music and sound design in this film - in particular I thought the sounds for the elevator door were just great. Not too sure about how the app text overlay followed the character around in a jumpy fashion, but I appreciated the polish of the app and news assets made for the film. Nice thriller :)

Gnome me before you judge me

Really liked this one - the use of still images and freeze frames were good. This film had the best use of the wilhelm scream in this heat in my opinion - argh! argh! argh! arGGGGhhhh! :)

The Gift

Nice creepy Christmas flick. I enjoyed that the film committed to the real human being doll, with great long shots of the actor being dragged away. Loved the shot of the dad continuing to drink wine after the doll gets broken. I thought that the end was a little bit too sudden and could have continued, but could just be me. Good job :)

Embers of the Past

These guys totally hit the 'mystery' genre on the head straight away (with an awesome intro as well!). The production quality was superb, and it just keeps getting better every year. The acting was well done, although the plot seemed to fall away throughout the film. Getting the audience to laugh when you want them to is a fine art, but the humour was spot on in this film ("Call me" - classic!). I am looking forward for next year's entry.


Great meta-doco with excellent timing. The required character this year was asking to have fun poked at it. I wasn't expecting all the special fx in the film, and was pleasantly surprised - they really topped off the ending. Nice job :)


A simple film, exploring what you could do with one actor behind the wheel for the majority of the film. For me the sound fell flat and I couldn't really believe that the car was moving, and also thought it was a bit strange that another character enters the car at the beginning but we never see them. A lot of this film rides on the main actor, and I think he did a commendable job - keep it up :)

For Old Times' Sake

I really enjoyed this one - loved the puppets and background scenary (especially the tongue in cheek writing on the bank walls). The voice-acting fit the humour of the film really well, and the medium let you have lots of fun action. Great job :)

Cut It Out

Had me squirming in my seat! Excellent effects and set design - loved the use of the old tv for the surgery as well as the intro. Props for the props also. The acting was well done, although the plot had me lost in some places. Overall, it embraced the horror genre well, and I loved the dark operation game finish.

Lady Red and the Blue Goop

Absolutely loved the colour in this film - great job. However, I feel like the polish on the images took me out of the Z-Grade genre somewhat, that's a bit nitpicky though. The plot and acting fell a bit flat for me, but I loved the costuming and alien props. Nice work :)

Losing Lucy

Really well shot film - nice to showcase some of the countryside. Making a dog the main character must have been pretty risky for filming, but I think you did a great job on conveying to the audience what the dog was feeling. However I didn't find the lead human quite as compelling, and the film maybe ran a little bit too long in some places for the length of the story. Great job :)

Pep 'N' Mush

I really enjoyed this one. So much work putting in all the futuristic establishing shots in! Great job. The story was pretty classic but pulled off well, and I loved the ending reveal. I also liked recognising all the various locations - Newtown represent! :)