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The Dragons are Coming

Didn't mean to post twice, there was an error while posting. Sorry about that. Good film, so sweet as :)

The Dragons are Coming

I really enjoyed this film, loved Nicky's dead-pan acting. Enjoyed the jokes, and the secret dragon society, and the fight scene at the end :) won't spoil the ending for people, but it was brilliant. Well done guys!


This was by far the best in the heat. The audience was captured from the very start.. and even to the point where you left the cinema, all you could hear as you were leaving was "Brains? Brains? Brains? What did you think? Brains! FORM A PACK!" it was an amazing film to see. This film should be in the finals! Go team Noise and Pictures! x

The Sunnybrook Diaries

I really enjoyed this film. Good to see animation, and the whole concept of the kids listening to that music over hours and hours. Awesome:) Well done.