Winner Showcase: Hamilton - Kirikiriroa

Posted 7th July 2021

Over the next while, we will be showcasing some of our winning creators from across Aotearoa. 

Here is our 2021 winner from Hamilton: 

Blink Blue Media and their film "The Hitchhiker"

We heard from the film's director Arun Jacob:

What were your pathways to becoming filmmakers? 

Dreams, dreams and more dreams and staying on the path with patience, patience and more patience till they become reality. You have to will the universe into making you achieve your dream of being a filmmaker.

How did the shoot weekend go?

Hectic but exciting. It was the best adrenaline rush in a very long time and a true exercise in project management with limited time.  

What was the story writing process like for your team?

It was easy. I did it all and kept the team fully drunk on Friday night so that they would not intrude into my story writing.

What are you most proud of about your film?

That we cracked it as first timers and received so many awards! Not only for myself but my awesome, young team.

What's next for you and your team?

At least a few more shorts and hopefully a feature film next year. 

On your wrap up form you mentioned that becoming a filmmaker has been a long time goal you were working to achieve since you were 21, how did it feel to create this film?

I would have died a very unhappy man if I did not make at least one decent movie in this lifetime.

The period and process that it took me to make 'The Hitchhiker' in itself is a story riddled with many twists and turns and almost seemed an impossibility at one stage.

The persistence paid off and the accolades it received ticked off the biggest item on my bucket list. At 52 and a first time director, my advice to young filmmakers is to persist and never let go of the dream.

Only a few of us are blessed with the ability to want to be and become filmmakers. Stay committed to this dream and persist like your life depends on it.