Blast from the Past - all the 48Hours winners ever.

Posted 6th August 2022

This year the Vista Foundation 48Hours film competition celebrates the 20th-year of guerilla filmmaking. We thought that in the lead up to this milestone it might be a good idea to take a look back at the past.

48Hours began in 2003 with just 44 teams in Auckland only, before expanding first to Wellington and eventually taking over the entire country.

Brainchild of renegade producer/director Ant Timpson, 48Hours was all about abandoning traditional pathways of funding and slow development, and instead, diving headfirst into making a film. Risks, mistakes, fast decisions,  new friendships, fallings out, failure and surprise success were the name of the game. Most of all, the competition is about making filmmaking fun. Over 6500 shorts have been produced for 48Hours to date.

We have every 48Hours winner up on our website for you to watch. You'll see some familiar faces (including the odd Oscar winner) and technology has definitely improved from those early days on DV tape.

Watch them all here.

If you really want to delve deep into the competition's history you can also check out the Wikipedia Article for all the details. (We're not sure who updates it but they are awesome).