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4 Minutes

by HVHS Magnum 165 views


Default Avatar MistaTeas

A teenage boy is rather anxious about performing too quickly in the bedroom. This was actually quite a sweet little film with one or two really clever moments. Standing-out was the performance of the dogey uncle, played by Bernard Beckett - he delivered his lines perfectly while casually eating a sausage. There were a few sound issues - most noticeably a lot of hiss cutting in and out between shots. The story itself was a good one but I kept thinking that it was trying to deceive the audience with it's content and would leave us with a twist. So, I was a little disappointed when it didn't do this. I also couldn't stop wondering if it was plausible that a girlfriend would be allowed by the people of the house to just go into a boy's room, knowing that sex was the plan. I suppose the uncle was dodgey however! And, maybe this is just OK these days! Overall, an enjoyable short that was a clever take on the genre and was well delivered by this school team.

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