The Rubber Monkey Best Cinematography Award

Posted 2nd August 2022

We wanted to have a great prize for the Best Cinematography award and knowing Rubber Monkey were a great supporter of the 48Hours, we reached out. Not only were they excited to give us an amazing $3000 Rentals Voucher for the prize, but were already making videos of their own encouraging filmmakers to register! We are big fans of Rubber Monkey and it looks like they have fuzzy feelings for our filmmakers too.

What is Rubber Monkey and tell us about the prize for Best Cinematography?

Rubber Monkey is an online Audio Visual technology store and rental house, we supply cameras, microphones, lights, speakers and everything in between all across New Zealand and Australia. More than that, Rubber Monkey are a team of filmmakers, photographers, musicians and adventurers who have a passion for creativity, which is why we’re so excited to be awarding a $3000 Rubber Monkey Rentals Package for the Best Cinematography prize this 48 Hours.

Why do you want to support the filmmakers of VF48Hours? 

Helping and inspiring kiwis to create has been our goal since all the way back when Rubber Monkey started as just a couple of friends who wanted to make movies together. We’re honoured to be sponsoring the award for Best Cinematography and giving back to the talented people that make Rubber Monkey possible.

Have you got any tips to get your gear ready for the 48Hours? 

Charge your batteries, format your cards and have your gear ready to go before you even get to brainstorming. But most importantly, get your friends together and have fun! If you’ve got a passion for filmmaking, that shouldn’t be a problem.

View some tips on the Rubber Monkey Instagram from the Couch Kumara Team

View some tips on the Rubber Monkey Instagram from Qualified Tim