Finals show

The top films in VF48HOURS: LOCKDOWN will be screened in a one hour TV special on TVNZ 2.

Friday May 8th - 9.10PM on TVNZ 2

with a special follow up screening on Saturday May 9th - 9.25PM on DUKE

**You can watch the live broadcast online via TVNZ's Ondemand website.

In the lead up to the TV Broadcast Finals show, The Spinoff will profile seven films of their choice on their website, on May 1st - 7th.



Cash Prize: $5000


Cash Prize: $2000

Second Runner-up

Cash Prize: $1000

The Ant Timpson "Strange" Award

Cash Prize: $300

Best Family Team

Cash Prize: $300

Best Solo/Duo entry

Cash Prize: $300

Best Use of Genre

Cash Prize: $300

Best Use of an Element

Cash Prize: $300


Cash prize: $200 for any finalists who do not receive any other awards.