Do you think the competition is a bit easy? Go Ultra!

ULTRA48 is designed for veteran teams that have been doing the competition for 5 years or more. Teams can voluntarily opt-in for the challenge and the challenge is announced on launch night. Once you opt-in your team name will be published on the website and there is no going back.

How it works

Teams who enter ULTRA48 will be given some other, especially difficult requirements at the launch, which will make things extra hard. They will still need to follow all the standard rules, just incorporate the other elements.

Teams will be competing for a single national award of ULTRA48 CHAMPION 2018. The winner will be announced at the Grand National Final and will be awarded the ULTRA48 CUP which will be filled with champagne (or V).

Teams will still be eligible for all other awards and will be judged alongside other entrants, except we will be also be judging how these harder elements are integrated into the story. ULTRA48teams MUST include the ULTRA48 elements as well as the regular elements in their films to be eligible to be a finalist or award nomination.

How to enter

Teams will need to sign up before the shoot weekend - this isn’t something you can opt into over the weekend, you need to put your money where your mouth is before you start.

You can signup by emailing with your team name, region and a list of your five previous entries so we can verify that you are ready to go Ultra.

We will confirm via email that you are indeed eligible, by the time registrations close.

Ultra Entrants 

Jovial Entertainment
Get In Behind
Team Spielberg
Team dogs breakfast
Brothers in Crime
Chess Club
Pickle Thugs
Frauleins, Oh Frauleins
Glowing Squirel
Halcyon Entertainment

Dragon V Mouse
Aaron’s Anal lube Vacation
Dystography Studios
Team Chromatic Aberration
JAGBOG (aka Just a Good Bunch of Guys)
Everything Sticks
Poutine Wolf
Crab Crab Crab
Mad Scientist
Burn the Dog

Temple of Nut
Nutbar Films
Decile One
The Moffits
Squint Eastwood

Bread and Butter Productions

Oscar the Walrus
Toowit Toowoo