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  • Has anyone had any experience with this camera ? http://www.kinefinity.com/terra/?lang=en I dont know too much about video camera's and wasnt really aware of companies in… View Topic

    Last post by tommyshelby
    08:16PM, 29 Mar 2019
    5 responses, 2105 views

  • Every year since 2005 I've wanted to pull off using a green screen in the 48Hours comp. Finally in 2018 we had the right Genre… View Topic

    Last post by toowit toowoo
    10:12AM, 18 May 2018
    2 responses, 990 views

  • Anyone rocking these two programs and have a good workflow down? I'm just curious what the best way to shove stuff between them is now… View Topic

    Last post by Kerryling
    12:08AM, 27 Mar 2018
    5 responses, 3662 views

  • Greetings all! If anyone is interested, I've posted the first part of a post-mortem on LOVE.EXE at my blog: https://digitalthingsblog.wordpress.com/2016/12/01/love-exe-a-post-mortem-part-1/ I was feeling confident going… View Topic

    Last post by DogsBreakfast
    09:14PM, 8 Jun 2017
    8 responses, 4965 views

  • Had a go at filming my own Dust Explosions against a green screen. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1GvWd_fMFWU Feel free to use them in your own stuff Have been… View Topic

    Last post by star striker
    10:06AM, 19 Dec 2016
    4 responses, 3639 views

  • Just wondering if anyone has tried these LED studio lights from Photoshack? http://www.photoshack.co.nz/afawcs0142140/CATID=59/ID=649/SID=27072507/productdetails.html#.UhWBbxZVhFR They're significantly cheaper than most other "brand name" lights I've seen, so… View Topic

    Last post by angelareese
    07:14PM, 16 Jul 2015
    8 responses, 8533 views

  • Looking for a bit more advice from fellow film peeps. I'm doing a shoot next week for a nano-budget pilot smart phone app where we… View Topic

    Last post by Ms Shirley
    05:30PM, 3 Jul 2015
    0 responses, 2229 views

  • I guess the horse has bolted on this a bit but I'm sitting on the train so why not... You can shoot a short on… View Topic

    Last post by CraigWB
    03:51PM, 21 May 2015
    32 responses, 27045 views

  • When I export from Adobe Premiere using all the right 48H settings... and then open my movie in Quicktime - the info windows for FPS… View Topic

    Last post by mikedensem
    01:10PM, 1 May 2015
    3 responses, 3411 views

  • Hi all, I know quite a lot about sound and sound mixing but not a great deal about video formats. My second year doing sound/music… View Topic

    Last post by DylanReeve
    11:08AM, 1 May 2015
    1 response, 2059 views

  • Hi editors, Has any one figured out how to define the aspect ratio in the new version ( 4.2 ) of compressor? If you make… View Topic

    Last post by John Munro
    07:58PM, 26 Apr 2015
    3 responses, 2532 views

  • Olay guys im slightly new to this and I thought since this is only my second year doing this I should ask for some help… View Topic

    Last post by videoamp1969
    10:11AM, 9 Apr 2015
    7 responses, 4569 views

  • Hello all! This will be my first year competing in the 48 Hour Film 'extravaganza' and I was wondering if anyone has any advice for… View Topic

    Last post by IronFilms
    03:12PM, 7 Apr 2015
    6 responses, 4264 views

  • So, I've got an Sony PMW-EX1r and it's been reasonably reliable up until yesterday when it said something on the screen which I can't remember… View Topic

    Last post by clang
    09:01AM, 14 Dec 2014
    2 responses, 2420 views

  • I just bought one of these after watching some various Youtube reviews and seeing it listed on CheesyCam. ~$185 NZD shipped. Anyone ever used one?… View Topic

    Last post by dmanthei
    06:31PM, 4 Nov 2014
    8 responses, 5764 views

  • I've been looking around the web at thousands of DIY, Budget, and pro dolly systems. Most of them rubbish but there are some really nice… View Topic

    Last post by Pedro Stirton
    07:33PM, 18 Aug 2014
    23 responses, 24650 views

  • Hey guys so im having another baby so there for making films is on the back burner for now so hence i have a lot… View Topic

    Last post by IronFilms
    10:35PM, 23 Jul 2014
    4 responses, 3822 views

  • Is anybody else watching the news out of NAB 2013 eagerly? I suppose some are already aware NAB 2013 ("The World's Dominant B2B Event for… View Topic

    Last post by IronFilms
    10:33PM, 23 Jul 2014
    26 responses, 19837 views

  • DSLR


    I think it would be useful to share DSLR tips etc as it is a great transition platform - but full of issues and gotchas View Topic

    Last post by joearndt
    08:41PM, 28 May 2014
    46 responses, 43199 views

  • The RØDE contest is making me consider splurging out & buying a better micophone (currently I just use the cheapie thirty buck ones off eBay direct… View Topic

    Last post by IronFilms
    10:37PM, 20 Apr 2014
    7 responses, 16395 views