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So the Music & Sound FX FAQ has said "MUSIC AND SOUND FAQ UPDATED TOMORROW"" for aaaages now. Has tomorrow not arrived yet? I thought it was tomorrow yesterday?


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Tomorrow and tomorrow and tomorrow.
I thought tomorrow was when the war began.

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in reply to dramamike:

mmm singing a song from a ginga musical wouldn't be allowed

YouTube has my stuff


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"TOMORROW" is organiser-speak for "when we get all the details worked out".

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Don't forget this post nearly 2 months ago....

Here we are in 2012 - Ten years on and going strong.
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From The Managers Manual:
"Tomorrow" means
"When we get all the details worked out, eh, later"

which is just underneath,

"Yeah, maybe"
which means
"I can barely hold back the laughter from your stoopid."

and above,

"I'll get right onto it."
which means
"Has anyone seen my beer/pizza/car keys?"


"I'll just check the rules on that, and get back to you."
which means
"Fail. Oh so much fracking Fail."

and please don't ask what
"Yep, were all done and under control"
"I'm compiling the list for you now" means :-)

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I have had a nightmare with audio in the past, could anybody let me know the ideal peak levels? Is around -12dB the way to go? I use Final Cut Express if that helps..


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Around -10dB is probably the mark, but people who don't know about sound will mix to 0dB so there's no standards here really. Audio is such a ridiculously complicated beast there's never going to be a way to ensure uniformity across all entries - hell, TV stations can't even manage it with advertisers..

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Thanks for the help, Dylan. I'm sick of being embarrassed by my completely amateur audio..


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The reason tv ads are LOUDER! is because of compression, its an easy tool for boosting audio 'levels' without popping off your peaks.

I'd recommend your meters are set to read -12 as peak limit, this leaves you pleanty of headroom for explosive events and its not too quiet either.
and then a gentle limiter to roll off any hot tops.

Expand 'to tape' and the compress coming off. Usually a 3:1 ratio is effective. I'll post a short video clip on compression soon.

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in reply to treefrog:


Yes please on the compression video! Complete newbie here, looking forward to the Music & Sound FAQ, while repeating to self "I will record at 48Hz, I will record at 48Hz, I will...",

Have just learned from old forum posts that the audio should be converted to mono....for an even House sound I suppose?

Should I, as the sound producer, provide a stereo file to the director to be converted in his Premiere...or should i convert to mono in my export?

ANY basic audio recording/editing/mixing advice much appreciated!

All dialogue in our film will apparently be recorded on my Zoom before filming. I use DAW Cubase LE 1.0.1, and am hoping to be able to see the video in that. (I also have Logic but can't get around in it much yet, and video synching seems to get the better of my RAM)

Thanks in advance,

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