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Some concerns about bit rates

So I've been putting out some tests with 1080p at 10000kb/s as per the recommended specs, It used to be 8000 which wasn't good for "film grain" but all my tests with compressor are resulting in files which exceed 10000.
One was 10.10 another 10.26 I think the first was around 10.4 but I could be wrong.
Is 10000 the absolute maximum?

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Audio may account for the excess.

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The delivery specs aren't a pass/fail thing. They are guidelines based on tests that have been carried out - they are settings that deliver a result that worked in testing.

It's not usually super important that you nail them exactly - just that you don't go crazy overboard... A 25mb/s H.264 might not play well for example, but a 10.2mb/s file will probably be just fine.

The playback is computer-based so if you can play the files happily on some reasonable computer then chances are you'll be okay.

If you're worried, you can err a little on the side of caution - set your encode rate for 9500kb/s and you've got room to spare.

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Just setting a preset for my export settings...
What should my settings be then for Target bitrate (i have it at 10.01 at the mo)
and Maximum Bitrate (also at 10.01).
Should I be setting my target bitrate at 80. or 90?


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in reply to debzk:

Maximum at 10

Target at 8.

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