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Question about Judging

I just wanted to check if the Judges for each region watch every film from their region. And from there create a shortlist from which the finals are chosen.

I have heard rumours that the shortlists are chosen by people who are not the judges, and so I would like clarification from the organisers. To be clear, 48 Hours can organise in whatever way they want. But the methods should be transparent.


The Judging page is a little vague about how shortlists are chosen. It MIGHT be the Judges but the phrasing is... odd.

Getting an explicit statement one way or another would be appreciated.



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I'd hope Judges at least watch themselves the audience favorites (the top three) from each heat (which for a city like Auckland would add up to an awful lot of films! As we have so many heats). I don't mind whatever other process they use to select the rest, perhaps use assistants to help suggest a bunch more to consider for the short list.