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Has the gap always been this long....?

...Between the city finals and the grand finals announcements? Not complaining, just genuinely curious, my memory may be playing tricks on me. Was it nearly a month last year?

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Mista Teas
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in reply to Peter Haynes:

Seems a little odd. The clock on the main page (today!) says 25 days till Grand Finalists are announced - a day before the Grand Final?

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Venue bookings can be a trifle inconvenient for those of desperate need, even a year out from event he perfect time & place can be secured by a book sale, or some bloody scout group!

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star striker
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usually auckland has there finals last because of all the teams, this year you guys are all finished befor us


Ant Timpson
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Actually June 16th is when we hope to announce Grand Finalists.
We'll get that damn clock fixed again!

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