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Film crew and actors wanted for a short film.

Hello, my name is Winchey Zheng, I am currently studying in Beijing Film Academy for a directing major. I am working on my graduation short film and planning to shoot it in our beautiful New Zealand.

I have lived in New Zealand for 14 years, graduated in AUT, major in Digital Design in 2009, worked in the film industry since 2009 as film production crew, editor. In 2015 I moved to Shanghai, working in the TV commercial world as a producer. I have worked on many TVCs, with brands like Air New Zealand, Coca Cola, Samsung, Budweiser and on TV dramas like Spartacus, and a few feature films. Now I want to chase my dream in becoming a film director. Last year, I finished my job and started at the Beijing Film Academy for film directing, I am really looking forward to making something creative and artistic that draws from both my Chinese and New Zealand experiences. With many years of work experience, I have a good sense of art direction and understanding of the film making process.

In this film, I am creating a comedy fairy tale, the story begins with a stubborn lonely old Chinese man, he goes fishing, he fishes for hours and hours and could not catch anything. Finally he catches a fish, he is so excited and happy that he gives the fish a big kiss. With a huge surprise, this fish turns into a Maori merman. Since the merman enters into the old man’s life, we see a huge change in the old Chinese man and their relationship. They have been together doing a lot of fun stuff and we see their friendship blossoming, until one day, an incident happens…

As the comedy continues, we see lots of fun and tender moments, and through the story I hope the audience is made to reflect upon their own lives and life as it is here in New Zealand. My goal of this short film is to enter the Beijing Film Academy Director award 2019, and future film festivals oversea. It will be great to have you to join our team and together we will make a great film.

The main roles I am looking for are:

The Chinese man, male, Asian, 40 - 60 years old, with a serious face.
Merman role - male, Maori, 20 to 50 years old, large build, ideally someone with some experience in comedy performance.

Also other roles will be:
Teenagers, require 3 males, Caucasian, 10 to 14 years old.
Extras kitchen staffs, 1 males, 1 female, Asian, 25 to 40 years old
Extras waitress, 1 female, 25 to 35 years old
Extras restaurant customers 7 males, 8 females, mix of all ages group and gender, 20 to 40 years old.

Also we are looking for various positions of film crew to help. If you are into production, camera, lighting, art, wardrobe, sound department, and you are interested to be involve in this project. Please contact me for more detail.

I am specific looking for wardrobe/make-up, ideally you can do both.

And sound recording on set.

The shooting days have been penciled in for, I aim to shoot it on 21st, 22nd, 23rd of March, total 3 working days around Auckland area.

Please contact me if you are interested being involved in the project. Cell: 0212974181 Email: wincheyzheng@icloud.com

Great thanks