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From: Wellington
Since: Sep 2016
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Most common uses of required elements

We got a real lamb, don't ask me how.

From: Wellington
Since: Sep 2016
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Dq'd for singing a song

Just saw your film. I understand how painful this must be. It's just two or three seconds!
But I understand the organization cannot risk any copyright issue. Very sorry for that.

From: Wellington
Since: Sep 2016
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City Nominees Ranking

Here's a list of WELLINGTON's nominees, sorted by numbers of nominations.
Couch Kumaras stand at the top with 7 nominations.

7 Suede by Couch Kumaras
5 Blanket Fort from Noise and Pictures
5 Party Pooper by Team Stock Standard
5 The Painter by Traces of Nut
4 Bro by ICW Productions
4 LOVE.EXE by Bork!
4 Wellingtopia by Lovely Bongo Drums
3 Mondays by Tiny Talkies
3 Normies by We Fight Like Girls
3 The Tender Grace by Cinetrance
2 Bottled Up by Half Pie
2 BOB...Interdimensional Wool Courier by Dont Panic Pictures
2 Mind Like Mine from who's eating gilbert's grape?
2 Sheared Luck by The Seament
2 Shoulders by Duck Fat
2 The Dark Yarn by Creepy Collab
2 The Rhyme of Charlie Flowers by Swan Ronson
2 Way of the Wool-Tang by Team Vize
1 10K by Love Me Tender
1 Charlie has an Answer by Fourth Reel Films
1 Chasing The Beat by Naenae Amplify
1 Con Troll Alt Delete by Nutbar Films
1 Daughters of Anarchy by Good Will Chimping
1 Dazza and Bazza: Kiwi Dad Detectives by Squint Eastwood
1 Final Notice by Trumpkins
1 Happily Never After by Wildcats
1 Purls of Wisdom by Outcasts
1 Purranormal Activity from 12 Angry Memes
1 Running Flowers by You signed me up for what?
1 Static by Litmus
1 The Middle Man by Typhoid Films
1 The Unravelling by Thnunder Byrds
1 Unraveled by Best Damn Pram Team
1 Wild Flower by Moon Landing

From: Wellington
Since: Sep 2016
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City Finalists discussion thread

in reply to TheNimbleMarmoset:

Some numbers from Wellington, regarding genres.
And my team is one of the finalist (Charlie's Choice - Real Time)

2 Dystopian Movie
2 Mystery Movie
2 Punk Movie
2 Crime Movie
2 Real Time Movie
1 Horror
1 Rom-Com Movie
1 One-Location Movie
1 Bro or Bechdel Movie
1 Comedy of Errors Movie
0 Cat and Mouse Movie
0 Lovers on the Run Movie
0 Mistaken Identity Movie
0 Puppet Movie
0 Time Travel Movie

From: Wellington
Since: Sep 2016
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Sooooo.... How'd ya go?

We finished 25 minutes before the deadline and witness another group being out just by a few seconds.
We had to rush in the end due to some problems with audio sync but overall it was a great weekend here in Wellington!