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Which genre was the hardest to pull off this year? And why was it yours?

This year we got "Last person on Earth", which, aside from 'one room' in 2011, would probably be the most 'out there' genre I've had... And with it came a whole bunch of unexpected problems.

I think the hardest part was trying to create a world that was visually and audibly deserted. We had to time our shots in between traffic, block out the sounds of cars and machinery, key out lights in the background and even had to ADR a couple of lines. It seems obvious, but it wasn't something I would have expected in doing a post-apocalyptic film.

What was an issue with your genre that others might not have foreseen?

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We got cat and mouse and decided to use a literal cat. Amazingly the ugly little bugger walked, squawked, smirked and pooped on cue like a seasoned pro.

If only he could have remembered his lines he might have got Best Actor (feline), but instead we had to use a voiceover ;-)

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