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What would you do differently next time?

Each 48H is a life changing experience, I think we can all agree on that.

Your film is done, its either shown or is about to be, how does it feel now?

What would you do differently next time?


Last year we made 'Remise' a very nice looking film that had an edge, but no story, that was too short. So this year we tried our hardest to make a film with a well rounded story that was 7mins and that made COMPLETE SENSE. I think we achieved it (Wellington 'Last Chance' first heat, if anyone saw it). But it lacked edge, it was maybe a little plain.

Next year we will make a film with a strong story and a lot of edge.

Thats what i'd do differently next year.



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Our biggest problem this year was that people just turned up on the day with no prep. Makes it real hard for those of us who have taken time in the weeks leading up to get in the swing of it.

Next year: if people can't dedicate enough to become a team leading up, then it's just too disruptive.

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I'd get more slaves... hot, sexy slaves:
-People to help with moving gear
-Bring meals e.g scantily clad females feeding grapes into my mouth
-Massages between takes - I just know that would take production to the next level

If we totally bomb, it'll definitely be because there weren't enough babes in bikinis eager to satisfy every personal need amongst the crew... well, just my needs if I had to be personally honest.

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