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The 48 Hours Old Boys Club

...doesn't exist. However much some people might wish it to, to pander to their own insecurities and wacko conspiracy theories because their film didn't get whatever accolades they think it might deserve.

What does exist is a loose collection of 48 hours veterans who have gotten good at making films by...guess what? Making lots of films. And these veterans, every year without fail, have to endure accusations of favoritism, showing off their resources and this year flat out cheating, apparently in cahoots with the organizers. All of this is insanely ridiculous.

Speaking as a veteran, the only reason I come back is because I like to make films, and I enjoy being involved in the contest. I also enjoy seeing what all the other regulars come up with every year. And I recognize that the odds of my winning decrease every year as the competition grows larger. But thats ok, because the fun of the competition makes up for it.

And every year, there is the possibility that some team is going to come out of nowhere with a film that blows everyone else out of the water. It's happened before, it'll happen again. It doesn't matter how many years they've been doing it, it doesn't matter who they know, all that matters is that they make a good film.

When you see a film that does better than yours (Which happens to me every year), there are two ways to react. You can a) whine, bitch and moan about how they had better gear and more experience, blah blah blah, or you can b) Suck it up, move on and improve. Make more films. Don't wait for next year, make a film a month. Its never been easier to do. Do what Halcyon did, come back and become a regular and hang out until you've been around long enough for people to start bitching about 'you'. 'Learn' from the regulars, who are almost uniformly helpful and willing to pass on knowledge to newbie teams.

Or leave. You won't be missed.

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in reply to DylanReeve:

Damn, you had everything going for you, but were let down at the last spec by only a 1080p resolution.
I bet you get the chicks with that camera though... Chicks love a 35mm sensor.

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in reply to Pastor Thug:

Luckily for him his wife doesn't give a shit about the size of his "sensor".

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