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team/forum name. be honest

Okay people time to let the cats out of the bags. You watch this die..:)))
How did you come up with your team and or forum name.

2013 - Nimlin Productions - Full House - Obsessive Relationship Movie
2012 - Nimlin Productions - Hira's Tree - Urban Legend
2011 - Divide That By 9 - No Country For Fake Women - Crime
2010 - Off To The Accountant Films - The Meek Shall Inherit - Twin Movie - Regional Finalist

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Forum handle: my name.
Team name: I asked a buddy for some film-related clever names
and "Robocrop" was the first one he tossed at me.

2014 - Robocrop - "Pads of Passion" RomCom (Best Original Score - Christchurch)
2013 - Robocrop - "The Price of Pilsner" Horror
2012 - Robocrop - "Promises" Crime - DQed (Nominated Best DQed Film)
2011 - Robocrop - "Protocol" One Room (Crime) - LATE

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Forum name: well, thats been me since FIDO sent my "emails". Also kind of descriptive, and aspirational also.

Team name: Cloud8 - well, cloud nine is supposed to be all nice and that, so cloud 8 must be alright too, surely? The team voted, and it was unanimous (1/1).


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My team was called 'Ladies, oh ladies', because it's a cool as fuck name.

However, I quickly grew tired of going along and supporting my old mates in Fractured Radius by watching their stupid goofy shorts, and then having none (literally zero) of them bother coming along to my heats to support me.

To get around this painful point of contention, this year I've renamed to 'Frauleins, oh frauleins'. Which means we should now be in the same heat, so those useless selfish bastards don't have to do anything but keep their arrogant fat arses in their god damn seats.

They'll still find a way to be unsupportive, I'm sure.

Frauleins, oh frauleins
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2018 | MUST LOVE BOTS | Anti-RomCom | ULTRA48 | Heat 4 Audience Fav, Auckland Short List, Auckland Finalist: Best Script
2017 | I am ball 2 | Survival | ULTRA48
2016 | The Littlest Punk | Punk | Auckland finalist: Best Original Song
2015 | Crumbs | RomCom, Animated | DQ & Very bad!
2014 | I am ball | Musical, Animated | Auckland finalist: Best Use of Prop
2013 | Crybaby | Race Against Time | Boring!
2012 | S.U.L.A. | Urban Legend | Puppets
2011 | Kill Therapist | Revenge | Writer, Director, Actor | Notorious
2010 | Action Manu | Biopic | Writer, Director | Boring

Fractured Radius
2009 | All's Fair | Musical/Dance | Co-Writer
2008 | The End | Drama | Co-Writer | Auckland winner
2003 | F.I.T. | Cop/Crime | Peripheral

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Because i'm from... Oh I wonder where???!!! Hope im a bit more imaginative NEXT WEEKEND!!

Pongkawa School Film and MediaClub because thats what we are and we are going to have a ball NEXT WEEKEND!!

If You Go Down To The Woods Today......... http://www.v48hours.co.nz/screening-room/2012/hamilton/if-you-go-down-to-the-woods-today/

9.00am BOOM! https://vimeo.com/67687469 (Contract now taken out on tech gremlins who hindered our Masterpiece. You don't mess with PONGAKAWA FILM AND MEDIA CLUB!!)
LOOK OUT for the doco on what happened next!!

Detention Room - http://www.48hours.co.nz/screening-room/2014/hamilton/detention-room/

Last Ted Standing - http://www.48hours.co.nz/screening-room/2014/hamilton/detention-room/

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My team is named Readers' Wives after a magazine that provides us with valuable inspiration.


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in reply to boogerlab:

valuable inspiration.

Hmmm, yeah, valuable.

2009-2015 48 Hours Otago/Southland Manager, all-round filmy geek.
2008 - 'Oh! My Gucci Boots!' - Cats of a Feather - Director -*Best Costuming
2007 - 'ARC' - Schrodghers Cat - D.O.P.
2006 - 'Scarred-The Directors Cut' - Strange Attractor - Audience Favourite

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in reply to Shifty:

Team Come Naturally.
We were trying to think really hard about the perfect team name when a team member suggested that we let it...
come naturally!


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in reply to Shifty:



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Team name: Too E Taa Hee

We're a team of cousins. The team name is a play on the many mispronunciations of our last name "Tu'itahi" at various stages in our lives. I think some of the cousins still are unforgiving of a particular prize giving assembly where 3 cousins had our last name mispronounced in different ways, one after the other. "Charles Tuatara, Ben Tahiti etc"

Forum name: It's my middle name. Etuate = Edward.

why is the script not finished?

Tu'itahi; noun. pronunciation [ Too-E-Taa-Hee ] 1. Ocean King.

2012 - Feilaulau (Sacrifice)

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My team name (Battlecam) is derived from my cat's name (Battlecat), which is that of He-Man's cat.



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I requested a team name change two years ago (well ok then demanded). Touching cloth is a term referring to cutting it fine when going for a poo (otherwise known as the turtle head poking out). It sort of summed up how our team was doing coming up to the 7.00pm Sunday deadline.

Touching Cloth Productions
(Formerly Spin Productions)
2013 - Night Vision - The Horror Movie
2012 - The Shoe Box - Inspirational Movie
2011 - The Ex Factor - Rom Com
2010 - Separate Ways - Twin Movie
2009 - New Zealand's Next Top Bomber - Politically Incorrect
2008 - One Way Ticket - Time Travel
2007 - Mother Says - Educational

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Previous team was called Hydra, so new team was Typhoid - Typhon being the Greek father of the hydra.

Forum name is 'Typhoid' after the team and 'Matt' is a name my Mum came up with while vacuuming.

2012 - Crime "3:00PM" (Audience Favourite)
2011 - Quest Movie "The Deliveryer" (Audience Favourite)
2009 - Musical/Dance "Singing in the Pain" (Audience Favourite)
2008 - Action/Adventure "Library Cops" (Audience Favourite)
2007 - Grindhouse "Die, Lesbian Vampires!" (Audience Favourite)
2006 - Coming of Age "16 Bullets" (Audience Favourite, City Finalist (Runner-Up))

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Team name is because my cameraman wanted a desperately clever name like Lens Flare's was. So a trawl through wikipedia on camera terms found "chromatic aberration".

Forum name is the same name I use everywhere on the whole wide web. Made it up years ago when I used to program music for bands and musicians (in the 90s). Actually made up "synthony" first but someone else had made it up before me. So I conjured up the most awesome amalgam of synthesisers and metropolis and lo, "synthopolis" was born.

2019 - "Miss Galaxy 3000" - SciFi - (School Team) - Christchurch
2018 - "Blood Red Ted" - The Splatstick Movie - ULTRA48 - Christchurch (DQ'ed)
2017 - "NEXUS 2 - Redemption" - Fantasy/Fairytale - ULTRA48 - Christchurch (DQ'ed)
2016 - "NEXUS" - Dystopian Movie - Christchurch
2015 - "Armabreaddon" - Other Dimension - Christchurch (DQ'ed)
2014 - "Mimicker" - Horror/Splatter - Christchurch
2013 - "Best Served Cold" - Crime - Christchurch
2012 - "Love Grinds" - Romantic Comedy - Christchurch
2011 - "Taurine Rising" - Superhero - Christchurch
2010 - "Silenced Night" - Femme Fatale - Christchurch
2009 - "The Judas Strain" - Conspiracy - Dunedin

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The Urewera Eight pretty self explanatory really, just waiting for the SWAT team to break down my door. Hold on that's someone knocking now...


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Team name: Strange Attractor

An attractor is a set towards which a variable, moving according to the dictates of a dynamical system, evolves over time. That is, points that get close enough to the attractor remain close even if slightly disturbed. The evolving variable may be represented algebraically as an n-dimensional vector. The attractor is a region in n-dimensional space. An attractor is called strange if it has non-integer dimension. This is often the case when the dynamics on it are chaotic......Chaotic dynamics, thats us.

My username is the name of my house in Waitati.

Strange Attractor
2011 Things Change - One Room + Quest
2010 L'amour L'argent La Mort - Femme Fetale
2009 Ipsum Loren - M Night Shyamalan Big Twist Movie
2008 Chinagate - Crime
2007 Coup d'etat - Crime
2006 Scarred, The Directors Cut

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Forum name: quasi-silent T, my forename, silent first letter of my surname.
Team name this year: Total Renvoi... it's complicated, here goes:

In private international law when in court you refer to the laws of a foreign country, there is a question about whether you refer to solely their domestic law (no renvoi), their law including their private international rules which may direct you to refer to another country's laws (partial renvoi), or their law including their renvoi rules (total renvoi) which may result in a "circulus inextricabilis". For example, if both Australian and Italian law employs total renvoi and a question comes up in an Australian court pointing to Italian law, then Italian law might point to Australian law which would point to Italian law which would point to Australian law... ad infinitum.


See also http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Renvoi

2012 - Total Renvoi - The L Word - Romcom
2011 - Rumpus Marshal - Bullywood - Musical or Dance
2010 - Righteous Rebels - The Missionary - Sex Education
2009 - Rumpus Marshal - The Rock of Love - Musical or Dance

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In 2003 we entered with the team name Squeegee, I'm not sure why. I guess I liked the sound of the word and perhaps there was one within my line of sight or something.

Then during our first shot of the day on Saturday something terrible happened...

So after that happened the new name seemed very obvious from 2004 onward (I fractured my radius)

Dylan Reeve | Edit Geek
Fractured Radius | Auckland | Since 2003

2017 | Supernatural | Morgan's Time 2: Morgan's Fate
2015/2016 } I was doing other things...
2014 | Time Travel | Morgan's Time
2013 | Robot/Android/Cyborg | Incredibly Advanced Robotics
2012 | Fantasy Adventure | Tilting at Windmills
2011 | One Room (Quest) | The Office Quest
2010 | Musical/Dance | Professional Dancer
2009 | Musical/Dance | All's Fair
2008 | Drama | The End (Auckland Winner)
2007 | Crime | The Big Job
2006 | Action/Adventure | Three Heroes Against Terror (City Finalist)
2005 | Romance | Fruits of Passion
2004 | Action/Adventure | The Sceptre of MacGuffin (City Finalist)
2003 | Cop/Crime | Forensic Investigation Team

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urban legend!

YouTube has my stuff


the coffee pixie has been freed! yay! all is good in the world. someone please save Nimlin!
Otaki is the centre of the universe!
(because Aunty Hira said so, and she should know)

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the dream collective was our first name :o( a wanky title that was decided on after many team meetings.
Since that short was late, we thought a name change might improve our luck.
Our large group was an amalgamation of Holee Cow Productions and Laughing Gravy (Laurel and Hardy's dog)... so we kept the pet reference - Tsuki the stunt chicken.
Tsuki has participated in all our 48hour films, mostly ending up on the cutting room floor :o(
RIP Tsuki the stunt chicken d.2011

2015 - Bureaucracy is the epoxy that greases the wheels of progress Horror LIMP & REDUNDANT PRODUCTIONS
2014 - I'd prefer to forget this film
2013 - This is a Fork Musical TSUKI THE STUNT CHICKEN
2012 - Shenanigan six Crime TSUKI THE STUNT CHICKEN
2011 - Payback SuperHero TSUKI THE STUNT CHICKEN
2010 - Time Wasters Time Travel TSUKI THE STUNT CHICKEN
2009 - PostHumours Politically Incorrect TSUKI THE STUNT CHICKEN
2008 - Love over Risotto Romance LAUGHING GRAVY
2007 -Back to the Front War TSUKI THE STUNT CHICKEN (Audience Choice & Best use of line)
2006 -Stained by me Coming of Age THE DREAM COLLECTIVE (Late)

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2 teams associated with this year:
- Midnight Oil - Fairly obvious due to the nature of the beast
-Grasshopper Studios - This was our junior team from school and we liked the line "Well done young grasshopper"

2014 - Candlelight Productions - Shock Ending:
2014 - Lunar Films - Race Against The Clock:
2014 - Insomnia Films - Time Travel:
2014 - Grasshopper Studios - Shock Ending:
2013 - Insomnia Films - Horror:Pendulum
2013 - Grasshopper Studios - Converging Storylines:The Last Hand
2012 - Midnight Oil - 1-Shot (Horror):Mine
2012 - Grasshopper Studios - End of the World:Deadline
2011 - St Paul's - RomCom:Love In Reflection