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Is the Wellington final time correct?

Just 7pm-10.30pm seems a lot earlier and longer than previously is all :)


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Gotta work towards the Oscars record of 4 hours and 23 minutes :)


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Was so much slicker this year. Finished well before 10:30.

A pretty tough final, with a couple of teams unlucky to miss big awards.

'Traces of Nut' and 'Cinema in Decline' were quality films that I expect to see in the national finals.

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Finished at 9.30!

I completely agreed with the top 2 - congrats Couch Kumaras and Outcasts!

I hope to see some other films in nationals but I don't think it will be the 2 you alluded to Mike :)


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I feel that one team was robbed of a placement. Some absolutely great movies last night though :)

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2015: Beyond the Fridge
2016: DICKS
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2019: The Big Number.

Most films linked above are the tidied up Director's cuts. Not indicative of what was handed in

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in reply to dramamike:

'Traces of Nut' and 'Cinema in Decline' were quality films that I expect to see in the national finals.

The former STILL has zero reviews. Someone review it please!


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in reply to Mista Teas:



WHAT has happened to the comp this year?? It feels like such a fizzer, for so many reasons! (at least in Welly) :(


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in reply to dramamike:

'Traces of Nut' and 'Cinema in Decline' were quality films that I expect to see in the national finals.

Thanks a lot! We're now up in the Screening Room if anyone cares to check it out and maybe throw up a review if they're feeling reviewer-esque! http://www.48hours.co.nz/screening-room/2015/wellington/sound-sleep/


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That is brilliant, Dean. I am shocked you weren't in the Wgtn top three this year.

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