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I had a dream the other night about next year's festival.

In my dream, me and my team were making 2012's 48 hour film.
The character we had to use was named Thomas Centerstone, and he had to be single.

Also, our genre was religious/biblical so we made a movie about the rapture.

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It should have to include the line "Jesus is coming, are you", and have a large white candle as a prop.

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Stay away from Kronic.
I'll mess you up for good. :-}

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I have a vision of Ant having to warn every audience about what Jesus is doing in all the films when this line is uttered.


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Whenever I have a 48 hours dream it's never too pleasant, usually it involves me a very small team late on the saturday having not yet finished writing the script.

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in reply to CraigWB:

You are mixing ethereal with reality. It is indeed a real life scenario that inflict hapless teams annually.

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