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How much money did you spend on your short?

Inspired by a review of our short that implied we had a massive budget, I'd like to get an idea of what people are spending on their entries?

Aside from an OTT amount of food for cast and crew (which we always pride ourselves on) - we spent a grand total of $70 on props from First Scene and Hollywood Props on ours.

What was your budget?


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in reply to Robbie Ellis:

I think the rule is actually you can only have one team per team leader so I don't see why two teams having a minor cross over would be a no-no only one team can win though it's not like they would both get the grand prize.
I think I remember the idea of 3 teams doing a trilogy or something on the old forums.

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we got free entry this year... YAY!!!... then i spent round about $200 on food & petrol...
got the mad hookups on everything else... a friend who works at a costume store... borrowed camera, mic, boom, lights... mainly filmed on farms that parents & a nana owned...

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in reply to Robbie Ellis:

Isn't there a rule that participants can be in one team and one team only?

Not aware of any such rule - We've certainly had team members in the past that also contributed to other films also. In fact our DoP this year was also scheduled to be grading another team's entry on the Sunday (although they ended up not making the deadline so it didn't happen)

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