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How did you find your Genre's and the elements for 2018

Hi All,
We spent a lot of time and had some good discussions choosing the genres and elements this year, you may have noticed that we dropped the 'themes', had no character, prop or line of dialogue. I am curious how you found this year elements' - door-slamming, puddle and silhouette/shadow. Also, tell me about your genre and how that worked out.

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I finally had a read-through of the full genre list and think they're great. There's so many that look like it would be fun to do and after reading the full genre list I'm even more amped to go see what everyone else has come up with!

ULTRA again was a mixed bag — sometimes it felt limiting but at the same time that may have been a blessing in disguise? I like the idea of ULTRA as a make-or-break challenge, much like musical as a genre. So, either you'll fail horribly, OR make the best film you've ever made.

Changing up the required elements was a nice touch though I do love seeing how each team uses their line of dialogue every year. There were a lot of panic moments throughout the weekend also when I was convinced we had missed an element.

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I have my fingers massively crossed that we're going to see a wider variety of uses of the elements this year.

However will as always be interesting how many went with the "first thing that comes to mind approach". These were mine...

Door Slamming = 1. On somebody 2. Accidentally 3. As someone angrily leaves

Shadow = 1. Of Death 2. Chasing characters' own shadow

Silhouette = Announcing the arrival of the most important character in the film

Puddle = 1. Of Mud 2. Of Tears 3. Of Rain - kicked into another character or the character gets sploshed.

I was kiiiind of guilty of doing a shadow of death but pretty pleased with how it turned out ;)


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Also, no "Horror" but Monster/Splatstick/Back from the Dead = horror fan's dream! :D


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I think on reflection it was interesting to see the elements really shaken up. Not having a line of dialogue or a character, prop. In the past I would always use the character as a launch point for the script but like last year it was good to be thrown a bit but not too much.
The door slam felt a little pedestrian to me, I guess like the elements of the past the challenge is how creatively can you implement it, I guess the puddle is the same.
Silhouette/Shaddow is an interesting one because it can be quite a powerful story telling device with all sorts of possibility.
I thought this years Ultra was a pretty good barometer for what Ultra should be, It throws you off your guard and says be prepared for anything. I think it's the only thing this year which felt restrictive but then it wasn't so restrictive as to be impossible. I do think it favours the more resourceful team though, the saying about not working with animals or children I think is a pretty flexible thing in terms of difficulty. There are some really gifted kids out there with solid acting chops if you can get them and then there is grabbing the first kids you can get and hope that they'll co-operate enough to gather the footage you need for the script. When I was leaving the Hollywood cinema all I could think was "I wonder how hard it would be to get a cat trainer with a cat on the team and is it even possible at such sort notice?" I tooled with the idea of filming my cat on green screen but I decided it would be easier to go with children than work with an untrained cat who is timid around strangers.

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We used a metaphorical puddle in our dialogue. Then on Sunday I reviewed the rules and decided that perhaps we need an actual puddle (to be seen) so we threw one in at the most appropriate place. Very subtle and hopefully won't be noticed but it's there just in case the rules are that strict!

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There was a serious discussion at our writing session to hit all three in one shot.
Didn't end up that way, but it could have been quite good.

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Yip, the genres were spot on this year guys - loved the little twists etc in each one and the uniqueness of each one.
The ULTRA rule was much harder than last year - but that's not a bad thing at all. We really struggled initially - but at the end I think we have made a far better film than we would have.
Keep it up! nice to see a shake up in the competition energy, tone and vibes - things were getting stale there for a while and very sarcastic. It's great to see some new faces on board with a real love for films and the challenge of 48.

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I think you nailed the genres this year.

And Ultra: magnificent. Really made us think of some ideas that were well outside our comfort zone. Much more than last year.

10/10 will Ultra again.

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Yikes, we got Splatstick, and on top of the fact that this was only our second year competing, we're all 14 year old High School students with no money... So we had to pull a few tricks to make the gore look realistic (or in most cases comically unrealistic). We had a-lot of fun though and I think it turned out great! Never had to chance to make something this ambitious before so it was really cool seeing a-lot of our vision come to life (especially for one VFX gag that took many hours to put together). We were all relieved we didn't get the musical amalgamation though. A small team of tone deaf pubescent teens wouldn't sound too good on the ears.

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Genres all seemed super fun, and although I was nervous that we'd get musical - I was less so because we already did it last year.

We ended up with Splatstick, which pushed us in a very different direction than normal, but I'm really happy how it turned out.

Elements were pretty easily integrated into the story without much difficulty. I think the challenge will be to see who did it in more original and creative ways.

We also did Ultra, which we found much better than last year. I think there was definitely some confusion about how many of your main characters needed to be children/animals, but I think we approached this in a pretty creative way.


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Definitely some confusion there Calvin. Multiple posts by judges/organisers saying all the main characters and yet on the official blurb for requirements for Ultra said supporting characters could be adults. Looking forward to your film! :)


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As someone who has watched well over 200 films in this year's haul, I have to say, the two genres that stick out the most and frequent a lot of the shortlists are "Wish" and "Fish Out of Water".

I'd say this is because they both intrinsically give the script a leg up in the character arc department. As Andrew said, "Wish" gives your character a desire so you're able to start with any number of tried and true story structures around a character wanting something, and "Fish Out of Water" immediately places your character in a place where they're able to react and journey into unfamiliar territory, which often results in at least an interesting story with some amount of flavour.

When suggesting genres next year, I'm gonna take this kind of stuff into consideration and see if we can come up with a few more head start genres.

For the record, while not necessarily the worst genres, I'd say the most 'samey' films come from "Technological Thriller" and "Heist". This of course means when there is a unique one in these genres, it pops, but I would have liked to have seen a touch more originality in the various takes on these genres.

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That's quite interesting AJ, because 'heist' also gives characters a theoretical desire right? Do you think it's the more fantastical nature of "wish" that's given it an edge?

Interestingly enough there were 5 techno thrillers on the Wellington shortlist.

Ultimately though I agree re: heist after the Wellington heats. Bit of a dud.

I do agree though, genres that propel storylines rather than genres that are more tropes or stylistic/technical requirements have always given teams a leg up.

Having said that 'grindhouse' and 'arthouse' were both amazing in previous years but had massive hit and miss ratios.


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in reply to steelpotato:

That's quite interesting AJ, because 'heist' also gives characters a theoretical desire right? Do you think it's the more fantastical nature of "wish" that's given it an edge?

What a good counterpoint!

I would say, while both "Wish" and "Heist" give characters a desire, "Heist" seems to be more steeped in cliche. There are more genre conventions with "Heist" which people (don't have to but) tend to follow. "Wish" is a lot more simple and open.

With "Technological Thriller", a lot of them tended to be quite well made, but their central concepts were all very similar, vaguely following sentient computers/software attacking humans, or a LOT of sterile white office buildings and labs. The idea behind the genre was basically supposed to be "Make a mini black mirror episode", though even Black Mirror itself is getting a little stale with its ideas these days.

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I feel like "Heist" is about plot and "Wish" is about character, personally. It's pretty rare that heist films involve stealing something that's of personal importance to the main character. It's all MacGuffin.

In a 48HOURS sense, the genres tend to immediately (but not exclusively) suggest a plot, a style, a location, a tone, or a character element...it's up to the teams to take that up and do the rest themselves, or to do something entirely unique.

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in reply to Andrew Todd:

I feel like "Heist" is about plot and "Wish" is about character, personally.

Yup, 100% agree with this. And thinking back on the genres we've got over the years, probably my two least favourite were "Quest" and "Action", cos they gave you a ton of the first, and nothing beyond tropes for the second.

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Two nights of heats down in Auckland and the biggest element issue is folks simply not integrating the puddle properly... most it's just someone incidentally walking through a wet spot on their way elsewhere. Hpwever, there have been a couple of rather good blood puddles and a pregnancy breaking water.

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I've probably seen the least ingenuity out of a required element from the puddle out of anything I can think of in 48Hours. But even with a huge number of teams just running through a puddle to start their film it never actually seemed jarring.

Funnily enough I swear there were some pretty clever play on word approaches when the required character was 'Alex Puddle' one year.

2 pregnancy break puddles in Wellington that I can recall. Might have been 3. 1 DQ and the other my own film haha.


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in reply to steelpotato:

But even with a huge number of teams just running through a puddle to start their film it never actually seemed jarring.

I agree. It's kind of what you do with a puddle (run through it, jump over it, step into when you're not watching) so it was a natural fit all the times it featured this way in CHCH films. In fact, it was barely noticeable because of this so while not imaginative it was, I would argue, well integrated. A few teams used it it reflect a character which I'd also argue is not that imaginative. And using a puddle of blood doesn't suit every genre or story.

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There were a couple of films in our heat that seemed to have a long shot of a puddle but for no real reason, other than it was required - or maybe I just missed the subtlety of the meaning.

We went with the slipping in a puddle of bodily fluid 🙂

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