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Hi guys we just received a text with all 12 genres on it, but no specific genre for us. We are an out of town team. How do we find out which genre to make?


Jade Stone
Since: May 2011
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help we dont have a genre either.. only a text with a list of genres.. we need a genre please.. help us 48Hour team please


Tim Van Der Grigortron
From: Wellington, New Zealand
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If you go to city info n find your team it will have a number that refers to the genre number


From: Whangarei
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We got our number earlier today, and have just received a second number!?

2015 - Bureaucracy is the epoxy that greases the wheels of progress Horror LIMP & REDUNDANT PRODUCTIONS
2014 - I'd prefer to forget this film
2013 - This is a Fork Musical TSUKI THE STUNT CHICKEN
2012 - Shenanigan six Crime TSUKI THE STUNT CHICKEN
2011 - Payback SuperHero TSUKI THE STUNT CHICKEN
2010 - Time Wasters Time Travel TSUKI THE STUNT CHICKEN
2009 - PostHumours Politically Incorrect TSUKI THE STUNT CHICKEN
2008 - Love over Risotto Romance LAUGHING GRAVY
2007 -Back to the Front War TSUKI THE STUNT CHICKEN (Audience Choice & Best use of line)
2006 -Stained by me Coming of Age THE DREAM COLLECTIVE (Late)