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Heat Observations/Trends/Drinking game?

What trends/points-of-interest are you noticing in the screenings? Discuss!

After one night of CHCH heats a few stand out for me after some initial thinking:

- a lack of team intros. I know it was optional but it felt like most opted out.
- poor use of the Wilhelm Scream. Often shoe-horned in at the end for no reason or its use caused a serious moment to turn comedic.
- crazy person in the audience laughing at everything (this person never dies!)
- people coming in late. One guy came in late, sat down, decided he wanted to shift, got up, squeezed in front of me causing me to stand, then, during the last film moved again by jumping over seats to be in prime position to get past me again immediately as the film finished. Is suppose if ya gotta go, you gotta go!

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Z-grade was a tough one. I think it needed a subtlety to it so it's not just one "mistake" gag after the next. I didn't like seeing so many quotes from The Room in films too as it made it seem like they were just copying their gags instead of being creative. But regardless of how good, or bad a team's attempt at Z-grade was, the audience kept laughing the whole way through each one I saw. It's a fun genre and while getting far in the competition with a Z-grade film may be difficult, I found it an easy one for everyone to enjoy.



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At first we thought the character "a female" was a bit of a cop out (i.e. too easy), but after seeing a few heats it looks like there are waaaay more all-male teams than I thought!

The lack of team intros was really sad :( I love seeing the teams behind the films, it makes it that much more personable and fun.

Also. Lots of deaths. Murders out of nowhere!

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