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Good luck, God speed

Hiya, been away for four years (the perils of starting a business!) but we are back. Just wanted to give a shout-out to all the veterans and newbs alike. Good luck everyone. Have a wonderful weekend. We're looking forward to the Heats and Finals to see your wonderful efforts.


Section59 Films

2007 - Death Nurse (Grindhouse)
2008 - The Orphan and the Inn (Fairy Tale)
2009 - Larger Than Life (Realtime)
2010 - We took a holiday :)
2011 - Crime of the Centuries (Crime)
2012 - Pronoia (Crime) - Christchurch team: Intelligent Design
2012 - S.H.A.R.P. (Superhero) - Wellington team: Random Acts
2013 - Breath of the Gods (Techno Thriller) - Christchurch team: Intelligent Design
2013 - Scooter Girl (Obsessive Relationship) - Wellington team: Random Acts
2014 - Repute (Film Within A Film) - Christchurch team: Intelligent Design
2014 - The Talented Mr Chancey (Mistaken Identity) - Wellington team: Random Acts
2015 - In Bread, Love. (Romantic Comedy) - Christchurch team: Intelligent Design
2015 - Stealing Thoughts (Other Dimension) - Wellington team: Random Acts