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It looks like one entry from each centre has been nominated for the technical awards. Seems odd.
Also, how does Apollo 69 not get an Ultra nom, when it is a finalist?
Nice to see Wellington well represented.

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As explained somewhere on the site, the national category nominees are the regional category winners, same as it's almost always been, and Best Ultra =/= Best Film.

Looks like it'll be a strong-ass final!

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Yeah, it looks like they are doing Best Ultra as best use of ultra elements, which is good, as you could make a stellar film that's finalist-worthy, but someone whose film wasn't finalst material might have had a better way of using the ultra elements.

Very cool to see a diverse range of centers represented in the finals! Can't wait to see all the ones I've been hearing heaps about from the big centers :)

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At national level we take the winner from each centre as the nominee. Awards which are national only are selected from the entire pool - so this year Best Female Director, Solo/Duo and Ultra nominees were selected from teams who were eligible in those categories regardless of region.

Best Ultra is based on the way teams use the Ultra elements, with two different elements this was a big challenge this year and there were some very innovation approaches.


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Yeah Couch Kumara probably utilised the Ultra elements best in Wellington, given they had an amazing 4th wall break PLUS took home best editing. Hard to argue with really :)


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Team Moon is equal parts surprised and delighted to have made it to the final. I'm particularly enjoying the idea of people watching our film from last year to try and get a sense of what this year's film will be like.

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