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Email Database

It is amazing how many companies don't realize how incredibly valuable a solid email database is. It's truly the most valuable online asset a company has, and yet, they seem to completely ignore the importance by not including any tactics or calls to action on their website #emaildatabase asking for this priceless piece of information the visitors email address. Just think about it for a second. This person arrived on your website because they were interested in something you offer that is related to problem they are looking to solve. This automatically makes them a prospect for your offering, and therefore you should be interested in gaining the identity of that visitor. I know what you are thinking. You already receive at least 50 emails a day from people and companies that are of no interest to you. With that and all the spam out there you spend too much time as it is trying to sort through and find the important email. I completely understand your thought process related to unsolicited email and am on your side 100%. I'd like to help shift your mindset a bit and show you how you can have your visitors volunteering their email address to you left and right.