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CITY FINALS 2016 - Here's the full list.

Your City Final venues for 2016

Friday, October 7 at 8 PM - 10:15 PM (includes intermission)
Cnr Wellesley St West & Hobson St, Auckland, New Zealand 1010
Doors open 7:30pm - Show at 8pm sharp
Get Tickets Now from

Sunday, October 9 at 7 PM - 9:30 PM
Odeon Multiplex
79 Gladstone Rd, Gisborne, New Zealand 4010
Get $10 Tickets Now from www.eventfinda.co.nz

Monday 10th October 7pm

Thursday 13th October 8:30pm
Chartwell Event Cinema - Door sales $10
Get $10 Tickets Now from www.eventfinda.co.nz

Friday, October 14 at 8 PM - 10:30 PM
Paramount Cinema
25 Courtenay Place, Wellington, New Zealand 6011
Get Tickets Now from

Sunday October 9th at 7pm
Reading Cinemas - The Palms
Cnr. Marshland Rd and New Brighton Road, Shirley
Get Tickets Now from

Saturday 15th October 7pm
University College Auditorium

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Ahhh that's a shame the Wellington finals aren't at The Embassy. There was always something special about seeing them on that screen.

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2011: Nubbin' But Trouble
2012: FETUS 5000
2013: Fist Cop
2014: Man Day
2015: Beyond the Fridge
2016: DICKS
2017: Cameo'd in 11 films.
2019: The Big Number.

Most films linked above are the tidied up Director's cuts. Not indicative of what was handed in

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in reply to Newsboy:

Yeah, the Paramount is a good venue, but the Embassy is something special.

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I was hoping it was a clue that Wgtn would be hosting the Grand Final this year - at The Embassy :)
It's not :(

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Wgn 2013 Dusty Tapes "The Rescue Party"
Wgn 2012 PuppyGuts "Fetus 5000"
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Akld 2010 Meat Pie "Bruised"
Akld 2009 Rising Phoenix "Till The Day We Die"
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Do we know when finalists will be announced?

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in reply to zer05um:

I believe it's a matter of waiting until the judging is complete in all centres. As of today I gather it was still happening in Wellington and I assume is also ongoing in Auckland, so may be a wee while. On the other hand I guess the city finals are less than two weeks away, so must be soonish.

The wait for national finalists to be announced is the *really* interminable one these days.


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Do finalists get free tickets, like in the past?


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Hi CAPSLOCK we just updated the City Info page. 5 comps per Wellington finalist. Cheers



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Hi All. Ness here Wellington City co-manager. We made a decision to have the heats and the finals at the Paramount. This not only cut our costs down (which helps the competition survive) it also meant that we could have the open door policy at the heats. Which was great, the heats had big attendance and it meant there were more eyeballs on all the films that might not make the finals.

Five comps per finalist team will be issued once finalists are announced and judges are doing their thing at the moment. See you at the Paramount on 14th October!

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We will we get the results for Heats 4,5,6 for Christchurch?


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in reply to Actor007:

They are on the Facebook page:

Heat 4
1st: Zesticles
2nd: Abra Cadaver
3rd: St Thomas Lads

Heat 5
1st: NZBS Pigs Guts Films
2nd: Motion Mechanic
3rd: Residual Talent

Heat 6
1st: TBALC Alpha
2nd: Strang Entertainment
3rd: Submission Impossible


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Good news!! You can hear Andrew Todd previewing the CHCH final today between 3 and 4 on my Plains FM radio show.

Tune in on 96.9FM in Christchurch or listen to the live stream here: Expanding Horizons on PlainsFM

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in reply to Mista Teas:

Andrew Todd previewing the CHCH final

"It's good!"

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in reply to Andrew Todd:

"It's good!"

And it is going to be real good!

You can have a listen to Andrew's preview here: CHCH Final Preview

The interview starts around the 13:20 mark. Feel free to skip the music...and ignore how I said crochet...my brain betrayed me!

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