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Had a read through the awards list today and I'm glad to see that animation and VFX have been split into 2 categories again :). I don't really use either of them, but I felt for the teams locally (Taranaki) last year where the VFX use had been quite different to the animation uses, so it was very apples/oranges and both deserved a wee nod for their use. I imagine it's even more that way in bigger cities.

I'm a bit sad that there's no regional Best Ultra certificate though. I also haven't entered Ultra but we have 1 team locally that have done it both times and it would be nice I'm sure for them to get a Best Ultra certificate.

Anyone else have thoughts on awards?

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Local Ultra winners would be nice- although potentially there could be very few some areas.
Even if there was only one Ultra from a region then it would be nice to show that with a certificate (no other prize needed).
SFX and animation needed to split- having a best cinematography/music award would be nuts.

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Anyone who completes an Ultra film (and isn't DQd for any reason) will get a special Ultra Certificate again this year. I've just sent them to the printers. :)