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As a beginner, should I use Final Cut Pro (10.3) or the Adobe Premiere?

I want to learn how to edit and create a workflow as soon as possible because I will basically make the same kind of video over and over ( know that every video is different but you get what I meant).

I heard that the new version of Final Cut is really great and solved a lot of the issues that people had with older versions. I heard it's stable and its interface is great for the kind of work I want to do.

But Adobe Premiere has a ton of tutorials on YouTube.

I personally prefer the FPCX interface (used both trials) but I feel like I'm missing something since the community (tutorials) of Premiere is giant, especially when it comes to little tricks that change your whole workflow, usually for the best.

So, what should I do? Final Cut has a nice interface and everything seems easier, on the other hand, Premiere has a lot of tutorials and a bigger community where I could get help faster.



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The Final Cut Pro X tutorial community is hardly non existent. Larry Jordan, Macbreak Studio, and Ripple Training all make some fantastic stuff.

Personally I'd only ever recommend Final Cut but that's what I use. I haven't put a lot of effort into using Premiere since I haven't had any reason to use it much less any reason to cut anything on it. I just know that it seems to be widely used even though it seems to have a reputation for being highly unstable and is much, much slower than Final Cut Pro X.

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