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A line of dialogue in a "non-dialogue" film?

after watching one of the heats, i was curious about the rules for a "non-dialogue" film. how do you put the required element of a line of dialogue into a film that can't have dialogue?


Sho Nuff
Since: Jun 2011
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oh never mind. i just read the rules and you could use the line of dialogue. though still curious to see what teams did...


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I have seen most of the Ak heats and it has mostly just been thrown in where it didn't necessarily make sense. I have only seen two films that did it completely non-dialogue, which was awesome, and one of them still told a good story - the other was just kind of weird.

I must say I found it disappointing that some teams went for a complete voice over, especially a couple where the story was still confusing with the voiceover so didn't add to the films story.

Not sure what the judges were looking for exactly so maybe I'm just being picky, they were allowed to say the line after all. Just hoped more teams would really push on with it.

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Non Dialogue and Immobilized seemed to be the hardest for teams to achieve this year, with some immobilized films which couldn't remotely be thought of as immobilized, and some non dialogue films with an awful lot of speaking.

There was also a lot of unwarranted black and white, though I can only assume it was a good choice made by some teams who weren't sure how to white balance everything correctly.

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We thought it would be easy, so we did a one shot - non dialogue - at night & even made TV shows for the guy to watch.

Sometimes what sounds like a good idea at the time.......

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