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Hey Everybody!

Just wanting to see the sort of produce that people have made this year, in terms of Musicals. I have heard much about a short film called, "F*** That" from Prime Ribs - up in Auckwood. I must give it a watch soon, infact - right after I type this thing up. But, if your team had the genre, let's exchange fun times for some laughter and tears (if they end up being serious; very, very serious)

So, to make this happen; reply with the following:
- Title of Film & Name of your group
- Link of the Film & a link to the Review Page [ for comments :) ]
- Challenges that you came across when facing the Genre.

Also, if you want to spread the love by sharing the O.S.T of your film via SoundCloud, then by all means... Do So!! :)

I'm going to start us off with our team's attempt!
Title of Film & Group: "LUVSUX" // Super 8

Reviews && O.S.T

Challenges: Felt quite comfortable with the genre, even though our team had it for the first time. There wasn't so much technical confusion as any team might experience part-way through the Post Production process. Composing the Music is quite a task, especially when you're called to make it on the spot. But, with an event like this, even the simplest of beats or rhythms can earn a 'cult-like' status.
Have a Great Time! :)

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'A Song For Mum' - idiotVision

Reviews: http://reviews.48hours.co.nz/read/2013/auckland/11/idiotvision


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'Wolfgang' Team Spielberg

I've sort of explained most of it in another thread titled 'Notes on our film' but I guess I could sum up some of the challenges here.
I think the first challenge was story, figuring out when to put the songs and how much of the story should be advanced via dialogue vs script, essentially in the end we wrote the lyrics while the script was being written then merged the two afterwards.
The filming wasn't nearly as challenging as expected however I do wish I had filmed the wolfgang song a little better, it was a mixture of running out of time a fatigue that caused me to try and shoot a vision for the scene that didn't really work for the location we shot in, though I do think maybe if I had just moved the picture to a different wall that too would have worked.

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Here you go guys

I didn't want to do a Musical but I guess you gotta do what you gotta do....

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Title: Consulting Victor Meyer

Team: ICW Productions



Challenge:Our usual musician was away in another city, so we had a newbie do it. He was great and won us best original song at the Wellington finals. Hope you enjoy it!

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