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48Hours 2019

Sooo I assume April/May was the most popular vote in the wrap up form this year?

I just thought I’d throw in my two cents as I personally find that time of year a challenge for 48Hrs.

I hope you guys are considering the timing of Easter next year, which is the 2nd to last weekend of April, and aren’t thinking about having it that weekend or too close to it (ANZAC/Avengers weekend is the weekend after also).

Anyway the reason I personally would like to bring this up is because I run the video team at Eastercamp in Christchurch, which is a huge gig that really drains all the energy from me (and keeps me super busy with prep in the months leading up to it), and this year I was still fairly exhausted on 48Hrs weekend (which was probably half EC recovery and half terrible student diet), which led to me being less able and involved in the making of our film.

In fairness I can’t say with 100% certainty that I’ll be participating again in EC and 48Hrs just due to the unknown of my potential career movements next year, but I’d like to think it’s fairly unlikely I wouldn’t.

And yea me and my teammate Joel might be the only people with this potential issue, but I just want to make our voices heard.

Like 48Hrs, Eastercamp is actually a really great avenue for up and coming videographers to get some experience, so I hope you don’t just toss our cause aside.

4 out of 5 of the Best Cinematography Chch nominees in 2017 worked on EC. ;)

Anyway thanks for reading! Remember to smash that like button, and if you haven’t already, subscribe and hit that bell icon so you don’t miss out on any new content.

Ps. was great seeing and meeting some of you guys tonight! I had a really good time.

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I seriously doubt they'd run 48HRS during Easter. Although the public holiday aspect is appealing in terms of not necessarily needing to bother with work on a Monday I think the timing would be troubling for many teams and indeed organizers. It's also the school holidays during that time which is an issue. I think mid-May is still the best time.

As for your Easter Camp clash, well, I think many teams and individuals have to either juggle things or make a call on what is more important when a date is announced. Sometimes that means prioritizing one thing over another. I'm permanently tired from my job and family. Welcome to life, buddy.

Best thing that can happen is an early announcement of dates so then people can plan early. That happened last year and was great.

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Agree with you Mista Teas.
Easter won't happen.
An early date is always great

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Yes, April/May was the most popular dates in the wrapup form, it also works well for our school teams to avoid exams and we also need to time around the school holidays. There are a lot of factors for us for deciding on the date, last year we scheduled during mothers day, so we will be avoiding that one and Easter!

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Ness, please make sure you think about what's convenient for TheRealClose when picking a date as well.

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in reply to Bloydd:

Ness, please make sure you think about what's convenient for TheRealClose when picking a date as well.

I think we can all agree that's the only thing that really matters.

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Frankly if TheRealClose isn't able to compete I wouldn't feel comfortable registering.

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