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2020 Lockdown Poster Thread

I always enjoy seeing people make posters for their films. Here's mine!

2020: Taste The Happy (Whodunnit) LOCKDOWN SOLO
2020: Seven Eight Nine (Whodunnit) LOCKDOWN SOLO
2019: Banana Split (Coming of Age) ULTRA DUO
2018: The Land Before Rhyme (Musical) ULTRA DUO
2017: Glasnost 2: Blood Moon (Supernatural) ULTRA
2016: Chasing Tail (Cat & Mouse)
2015: Glasnost (Buddy)
2014: Entropy (Time Travel)
2013: Lights. Camera. Wasteland. (Reunion)
2012: A Grave Mistake (Horror)
2011: Keeping Station (One Room (Mystery))
2010: aVatar : A sign from Guarana (V48Seconds)
2010: Alex's Puddle: The Peequel (Ghost)
2009: Alex's Puddle (Big Twist)
2008: Lucky Break (Drama)

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So many on Facebook this year.

2020 Lockdown The Nutbar News at Nine Urban Fantasy
2019 Depart'ners Buddy
2018 Thanks to the Academy Heist Ultra
2017 Forelsket Nutbar Films Buddy Sacrifice
2016 Con Troll Alt Delete Nutbar Films Horror Fan Favourite. City Finalist for Make-Up
2015 Hide and Seek Nutbar Films Mystery
2014 Confessions Nutbar, with a taste of Nimlin Film, within a film
2013 Made Maid Nutbar Films City Finalist for POV Shot Robot/Cyborg/Android
2012 I Still Dream in Colour Nutbar Films Action
2011 Raptured Golden Carrot Films Mystery
2010 Fraternal Fabrication Golden Carrot Films Twin
2009 I love you this much Golden Carrot Films Romance
2008 Luke Walker and the Golden Carrot William Shatner's Pants Animal

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Don't think I got the poster right this year, I've used a few elements from the film but the balance is off visually.

Team Spielberg craigbickerstaff@me.com +64212166821
The longest running non-finalist in the competition.
2020 Lockdown Read, are the tea leaves : The Unwanted Guest
2019 Burgled on High : Musical ULTRA
2018 The How, The What, The Who and The Why : The Heist Movie ULTRA
2017 Operator Part II Twin Souls : Thriller/Horror One Room ULTRA
2016 The Real Time Movie : What kind of day has it been
2015 Other Dimension Movie : Rift
2014 Race Against the Clock : EIGHT POINT FIVE
2013 Musical : Wolfgang
2012 Horror : The Unrested Soul
2011 One Room (Horror) : Operator -- Audience favourite
2010 Twin Movie : Secrets in Dowsing
2009 M Night Big Twist Film : The Unfinished
2008 Drama : Breakfast at Four
2007 War : Purple Heart
Sakura Productions
2006 Musical : Sardines
2005 Mockumentary : Smuggling for Dummies DQ'ed

Al Ive
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Quick Job ... but jet that's 48hours right?


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I should probably learn how to use photoshop. I cranked this 'poster' out on Final Cut X.

Mad Scientists
2020 Any Portal Will Do In A StormWho dunnit
2019 (School team producer: Breens B-Roll) Timeslingers Time Travel Film Christchurch Nominee for Best School Team, Christchurch Nominee for Best use of Genre
2019 (School team producer: Mini Mad Scientists) Miss Galaxy 3000 Science Fiction Film
Mad Scientists
2018 We'll just have to do things the long wayStar Crossed Lovers(ULTRA) Christchurch Best Art Direction Nominee
2017 Uber Cyborg 2.0 Sci-Fi Love (ULTRA)
2016 Wrong Target Mistaken Identity |Christchurch Most Incredibly Strange Best Bad Film Nominee|Christchurch Best Art Direction Nominee
2015 Uber Cyborg Science gone mad |Christchurch Most Incredibly Strange Best Bad Movie|Christchurch Best Costume Nominee
2014 One Man Army Against the Odds |National Most Incredibly Strange Best Bad Film|Christchurch Best Team Intro
2011 Humpty Dumpty: The Untold Story Mystery
2009 Blackout Superhero
2008 Take As Prescribed Horror (Disqualified for being over length)
Nervous Poop
2010 48Hours Later Musical | Christchurch Best Bad Film Runner Up
Gorilla Pictures
2006 Rubix Dude and Wheelchair Mania Superhero Film | Christchurch Finalist, Christchurch Best Original Score, Christchurch Best Use Of Character, Christchurch Best Screenplay
2005 Mr Fluffy and the Robot Sci-Fi (Disqualified- 4 minutes late)

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I have no photo shop experience but I spliced this bad boy together!

2020 When Water Fell Urban Fantasy
2019 The Happy Man Time Travel (Disq)
2014 Electric Revenge Film
2013 Once a Winker, Always a Winker Reunion Film
2012 Obedience: Freedom is a Lie One Shot
2011 Chance of a Lifetime Bodyswitch Movie