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2020 Horror Stories

Hi everyone. Had the most challenging weekend yet, having had to go to hospital on the Saturday with back/kidney issues. (Unrelated to filmmaking or Corona). Endured severe pain in the Sunday, and was admitted into hospital again Monday (Today). Was in good hands, and am now recovering on some heavy, sleepy medication.

Needless to say, with a dedicated team we still delivered something fans should enjoy.

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Mad Scientists
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Shows the strength of the team to make the hand-in when that is rocking along.
Get well soon

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Wow, I can't compare to your story, but I had some frustrating technical glitches late on Saturday night.

Basically Photoshop froze while it was saving the file. I tried to make a backup copy of the file but then Finder also froze. Sat for a while with nothing happening, so I force quit everything and rebooted the computer.

Finally get it all back up and running and the Photoshop document won't open. It appears to be totally corrupted. Looked online for recovery solutions but nothing worked. So I had lost about 1.5 hrs of work, plus and hour trying to fix it. Ended up doing it all again in around 30mins.

The real kicker, this was the one project file that I didn't have saved to my Creative Cloud folder, which archives every version to the cloud. Such a simple mistake to avoid...

But all's well that ends well, although I only had time to submit a safety copy, which was just missing credits and had watermarks left on our stock photos... reasonably happy overall though.

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Yeah that's hard core. Glad you're ok!
Amidst lockdown unemplyment I got some work (yay!) but it took most of my saturday (boo!). Happy enough with the weird little film we made.

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