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2018 Recurring Themes

Curious to see, once the heats get going, what the weird recurring themes and obvious uses of elements are this year.

Also curious to see:
- How many "Back From The Dead" movies AREN'T zombie films
- How many "Fish Out Of Water" films are about literal fish out of water (esp. Ultra films)
- How many Technological Thrillers are very clearly informed by BLACK MIRROR
- How many teams' puddles are puddles of bodily fluids of some sort
- What genres Musical teams decided to pair with (based on the films listed on the reviews site already, it seems Monster is the winner)
- How many teams put an element or their genre in their title (a perennial favourite)

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in reply to AJ:

There are two films in Christchurch this year that feature a character named "Rad Chad"

We really do need a CHCH merch shop. Rad Chad T-shirts would sell really well. As would the, "We need to get the duck, Chad." shirts in the same rack. Hmmm...

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in reply to Mista Teas:

So many people getting hit by cars in CHCH.

I had the location permission and opportunity to have mine hit by a train. The team overruled me on account of the fact that we couldn’t work out how to get the dude on the railway tracks in the first place. They were right...but it took about 20 minutes of arguing on the Friday night for me to let go.

It would have been awesome though.........

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I’m surprised no one has mentioned or picked up on the surprising amount of Groundhog Day style time loops. Four films I saw that follow such a premise, and I only saw half of the Chch heats.

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