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wayne atkins
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steadicam NO, glidecam HD4000 X-10 YES

We have a glidecam HD4000 X-10


We are learning to use this still, in Auckland, and happy to be involved in projects where we can practice with this equipement, or if you have a paying project we can hire it out, with a crew member, (read that as a guy who will help out, and as minder for our gear) for $250 a day. Or $160 for four hours, which is what we pay our extra cameramen etc.

Of course we are still into freebies for fun and that ever growing show reel- we are at 48Hours aren't we.

Actually we have a heap of equipment, (canon 7d, sennheisser 416, monitors, dollies, glidecams, and a van), including a crew member, for $250 a day. He is our editor, cameraman, director, though not keen to strap on the weighty X-10. It seems extra body weight has finally come in handy, (yes food with a purpose).

If you are thinking of buying this stuff and want a play first email me at wayne.atkins@xtra.co.nz


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I'm also selling a Flycam HD 3000 as I plan on buying a Flycam Redken. I have updated my camera and the 3000 series isn't enough to hold it. It is in perfect state, I didn't use it that much and even when I did - I took care of it. I'll give it for 100$, new I bought it for 160$ from gimbalgarage.com. It's perfect for video shooting, it makes them look smooth for the viewer. But I guess everyone knows how they work. Reply to me here if you're interested.