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Green Screen Time

Every year since 2005 I've wanted to pull off using a green screen in the 48Hours comp. Finally in 2018 we had the right Genre (The Last Day on Earth Movie) and out it came.

Started with some test footage and dropped it in Premiere, added an Ultra Key in aggressive mode and BOOM. Perfect. A couple of garbage mattes later and it looked sweet. Ended up with 3/4 of the film done on green screen.

Who else had a go?

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Yep! Used a lot of split screens and image masks on locked shots this year, but found rotoscoping and key-framing much more time consuming than the green screen. So much easier to do now than it was a few years ago.

If I was to redo- would have done more green screen (Opposite thoughts to last year, when I wished I hadn't done as much). I usually do the most complicated things first while your energy levels are high, usually to see if it can be done, while leaving the simpler (Even if it is key to the plot) parts til last, as there is no way you want to attempt some of that complicated stuff on Sunday.

Last year I spent several hours trying to imitate a parachute opening by blowing a car cover with a leaf blower through a gap in two green screens on the front lawn. The whole thing last year was a messy process, but it certainly helped to upskill in that area quickly.

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We did green screen paper puppets in 2011 and 2012. The aesthetic was interesting and it was a lot of fun, but don't think I'd do a full film like that again.

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