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  • We've been out a couple of years (I think?) - but looks like Fractured Radius will ride again this year! Huzzah. View Topic

    Last post by Scott Doar
    11:27AM, 10 May 2018
    3 responses, 2600 views

  • Who would win between Jesus Quintana and Ernie McCraken Morals off for both Both have 3 days prep Under the World Bowling scoring system at… View Topic

    Last post by dramamike
    10:26PM, 7 May 2018
    1 response, 551 views

  • Hello here is the latest stop motion war animation we made https://m.youtube.com/watch?feature=em-comments&v=v2UmM867ik0&lc=z123utcg5y2xgl3tq22fhnqhqri3yjslj Whose thinking of doing animation for the 48 hour this year ? View Topic

    Last post by DogsBreakfast
    06:38PM, 19 Aug 2017
    5 responses, 2283 views

  • Hey All - I'm just fishing for votes for another competition here: needs to get a few hundred votes to be safe so any help… View Topic

    Last post by NITRO
    11:39PM, 9 Jul 2017
    0 responses, 1055 views

  • not sure what genre I'd apply to it ... &feature=player_profilepage View Topic

    Last post by BOBAH1
    01:10AM, 24 Jun 2017
    5 responses, 4501 views

  • Hello fellow furious filmmakers! Here is a trailer for a new short film I've been working on 'Twenty One Points' I've been lucky enough to… View Topic

    Last post by Jared Kahi
    06:01PM, 15 Jun 2017
    0 responses, 679 views

  • Howdy fellow 48hr-ers - Scott here from down in Queenstown. When I'm not having a nervous breakdown attempting to make a film in a weekend,… View Topic

    Last post by Robstar Rapper
    12:25PM, 27 May 2017
    3 responses, 1355 views

  • Austin Film Festival’s early bird deadline is this Friday! If you have a film, be sure to submit now for the lowest prices of the… View Topic

    Last post by AustinFilmFestival
    10:54AM, 29 Mar 2017
    0 responses, 858 views

  • Seeing this tonight... so damn excited. There's more than a few 48Hours veterans involved. Who else is going to a Christchurch or Auckland screening? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h9n-_sc6As8 View Topic

    Last post by Andrew Todd
    12:34PM, 2 Jul 2015
    4 responses, 4294 views

  • So has anyone else seen this? What did you think? I watched the first one when it came out in the flicks and was scared… View Topic

    Last post by prakashpanchal856
    05:41PM, 15 Jun 2015
    4 responses, 5604 views

  • Funnier and better than I'd expected - well worth a watch: http://www.maoritelevision.com/tv/shows/find-me-maori-bride/S01E001/find-me-maori-bride-series-1-episode-1 View Topic

    Last post by Brendon
    12:01PM, 27 May 2015
    2 responses, 3234 views

  • I had my relocatable house shifted (in Christchurch) a few days ago, so I filmed it. And made this of the trip: The Shift video… View Topic

    Last post by squire
    05:18PM, 16 May 2015
    0 responses, 2243 views

  • 8 or 9 years ago this forum was filled with fun threads like this where we would discuss things that really matter, sadly this has… View Topic

    Last post by Captain Woodrow .F Call
    11:15AM, 13 May 2015
    6 responses, 5840 views

  • One of the character in the new Star Wars trailer looked like revan, I can't see it actually being him but hopefully there will be… View Topic

    Last post by Rowox
    09:46PM, 27 Apr 2015
    15 responses, 9807 views

  • All these new posts are awful !!! What can be done to rid the forums of this terrible affliction ? View Topic

    Last post by tarlen
    09:37AM, 11 Nov 2014
    1 response, 2038 views

  • Make My Horror Movie winning team Deathgasm is looking for some keen people to help out in the Art Dept in West Auckland. Check out… View Topic

    Last post by AJ
    10:30AM, 24 Apr 2014
    3 responses, 3119 views

  • Would be cool to gain some traction, so I thought I'd post my first episode here. Would love some support. If not, that's cool too.… View Topic

    Last post by Paulette
    03:41AM, 23 Apr 2014
    5 responses, 4314 views

  • Hi all, from 48 hours veterans 'Haynesfilm' a new fantasy / comedy web series in development, with a trailer coming next week…please check it out… View Topic

    Last post by hl
    04:43PM, 15 Apr 2014
    2 responses, 2922 views

  • http://www.flat3webseries.com/# Honestly the best (intentional) NZ comedy I've seen in yonks - a tragedy that it missed out on NZOA funding, although the good news… View Topic

    Last post by debzk
    07:38AM, 4 Apr 2014
    5 responses, 4663 views

  • In case you didn't know already - we have just launched the second incarnation of MMM: Make My HORROR Movie! Have a look at this… View Topic

    Last post by clang
    07:04PM, 13 Sep 2013
    8 responses, 6054 views