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Looking for cast and crew in Gisborne

I'm doing 48hour for the 3rd time, recently moved back to NZ and living in Gisborne.

Previously got a Peter Jackson wild card and 9 nominations in previous efforts.

I am looking for a camera person, possibly sound and some cast.
I have kit including camera, sticks, mics and green screen, basic lights

Please call or email me if you are available next weekend and are interested.
0204147 0237




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Herro. What team were you a part of? Best advice. Just enter a team into the fizzy region.

2019 - Team Indeed 'Kaiju Online' ULTRA48
2017 - Team Indeed 'Rock The Night'
City Finalist/Nominated for something (Gisborne)
2016 - Team Indeed 'Bromancing The Stone'
City Winner & Grand National Finalist, National & Regional Best Original Song (Gisborne)
2014 - Mahuika Productions 'Enigmatic Future'
Best Original Score/City Finalist (Gisborne)
2013 - Team Indeed 'SuperHero Musical'
Best Original Song/2nd Audience Favorite/City Finalist (Gisborne)