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Auckland City Winners

Auckland City Winner
Cool Story Bro Film - ‘Under the Bridge’

Runner Up
Permanently Confused - ‘Snow Country for Cold Elves’

Best Director
Lauren Porteous - ‘Under the Bridge’ - Cool Story Bro Film

Best Female Director
Hweiling Ow & Mia Maramara - ‘Snow Country for Cold Elves’ - Permanently Confused

Best Cinematography
Blackhawk - ‘Happy Birthday’ - Dominic Fryer

Best Actor
Rohan Glynn - ‘Self Service’ - Miss Fire Productions

Best Actress
Rhiannon McCall - ‘FEEDING’ - Southern Belles

Best Script
Matt Butler - ‘Some Body at the Lake’ - The Creamery

Best Song
‘Shut the Fuck Up’ by Nick Garrett from ‘Banned Practice’ - Rambunctious Gumption

Best Score
Francis Hunt - ‘Under the Bridge’ - Cool Story Bro Film

Best Editing
Thomas Asche, Adam Prest, Taylor Wilson, Chris Willemse - ‘Pizza Money’ - Jovial Entertainment

Best Animation
‘Sidney Manson and The Twin Factor 2’ - Just 2 Guys

Best Makeup
Tanya Barlow - ‘Bookcase: The Seaquel’ - Prime Rib

Best Character
Southern Belles - ‘FEEDING’

Best Use Smash Cut
Team Sprinkles - ‘Sue and Tim Play Conkers’

Best Collusion
Just 2 Guys - ‘Sidney Manson and the Twin Factor 2’

Best Wilhelm
Chess Club - ‘Morgan Foster Presents: Mindcreep Cinema’

Best School
Bacon vs Lollipop - ‘Pork Chop’

Best DQ’d
Reel Trouble - ‘Balls and Chains’

Morgan Leigh Stewart
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