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HAMILTON CITY WINNER: DF-10 - "Love is a Crime"
HAMILTON RUNNER UP: Bad George - "The Birthday Card"

Best Actress: Emma Williams -Taktix
Best Actor: Oliver Dunn - Odd
Best Director: Peter Young, Matthew Quinnell, Chris Kent - DF-10
Best Cinematography: Brendan Thompson-Field - Big Picture Minor Deets
Best Script: Jay Baker - Bad George
Best Animation: My Box Is On Fire
Best Score: Brooke Baker -Bad George
Best Makeup: Sian Moore - Slate 48
Best School: Grasshopper Studios
Best Line: Big Picture Minor Deets
Best Prop: Muddy Brilliant
Best Character: SnowForge
Incredibly Strange: Hold Nummer Et

'If you only see one movie this year - make sure it's yours!'
If you want a happy ending, that depends of course, where you stop your story