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Grand National Champion: Chillybox - "(time) Travel Center"
Grand National Runner-up: Prime Rib "Ghostfish: Catfished By A Ghost"
Grand National Third Place: "Love.exe" by Bork!

Best Director: Lachlan Wilson -NZBS Pig's Guts Films - "A Disabled Account"
Best Cinematography: Matt Sharp - "The Tender Grace" by Cinetrance
Best Actress: Karin McCracken - "Mondays" by Tiny Talkies
Best Actor: Aaron Jackson - "The Tender Grace" by Cinetrance
Best Editing: Jamie Linehan - "Ghostfish: Catfished By A Ghost" by Prime Rib
Female Director Award: Lauren Porteous - 'Morning after' by Cool Story Bro
Best Script: Peter Haynes - "Mahnamana" by Haynesfilm Bunch
Best Makeup: Tanya Barlow - "Ghostfish: Catfished By A Ghost" by Prime Rib
Best Animation: "Love.exe" by Bork!
Best Score: Scott Koorey and Zac Beckett-Knight - TBALC Prime - "Windows"
Best Song: Rob$tar -'Bromance' - Team Indeed
Best School Team: Squad
Incredibly Strange Film: "BOB...Interdimensional Wool Courier" by Don't Panic Pictures
Best Disqualified Film: "48 Hour Famine" by The Purple Dragons

'If you only see one movie this year - make sure it's yours!'
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