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DUNEDIN CITY WINNER: Super Furious Ninja Dragon- "The Loom Of Doctor Flowers"

RUNNER UP: The Dandy Lions - "The Lamentable Tragedy Of Charlie Flowers"

Best Actor: Grant McNaughton - The DandyLions
Best Actress: Maggie Watts - Super Furious Ninja Dragons
Best Cinematography: James Wilkinson - Super Furious Ninja Dragon
Best Director: Phil Davison - Studio Giblets
Best Score: Harriet Love - The Happy Little Peas
Best Script: Begged Borrowed Stolen
Best Editing: Phil Davison - Studio Giblets
Best Makeup: Super Furious Ninja Dragon
Best Animation: Astronomollusc
Best Art Direction: Super Furious Ninja Dragon
Best Character: Studio Giblets
Best Line: Team Super Best Friends
Best Prop: Studio Giblets
Best School Team: The DandyLions
Incredibly Strange: Go Go All The Time

The 'Other' Awards
Disqualified Dog on a String - One Last Shot
Audience Favourite Paddle Pops - Kit-Astrophy
Sound Design Go Go All The Time
Best Team Intro Bus of The Undead
Worst Team Intro Cat in a River
Best Film with a Dog The B-Team 'Flowers Family Xmas'
Best Pyrotechnics The Underdogs -
Best Unexpected Scream Balcloootha
Best Production Value Insert Hot Chili
Most Profane Language 'Safe House' Sack of Richards

'If you only see one movie this year - make sure it's yours!'
If you want a happy ending, that depends of course, where you stop your story